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40 Something Mag – Taylor Leigh

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40 Something Mag – Taylor Leigh

Taylor Leigh, a 45-year-old wife and mom from St. Louis, Missouri, gets right to it in this scene. She runs her hands over her stud’s body, getting more turned on by the second. She can’t wait to have at his big, black cock. They kiss, and Taylor gets hotter and hornier, licking his neck. “Oh, I’ve got a tight little wet pussy for you,” she says, and that’s his signal to grab and slap her ass and spread her cheeks…

You can tell from the get-go that this is going to be a very hot scene, and it is. He sucks her tits and eats her pussy, which is, as she said, very wet. He fingers it hard, then she goes down and slurps all over his big cock, swallowing it to the root, gagging herself on his dick. This isn’t a case of a guy making a woman gag on his dick; this is a case of a woman gagging on a guy’s dick because she’s trying to get as much down her throat as possible.