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Charlotte Sartre vs Lance Hart

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Charlotte Sartre weighs about 105lbs soaking wet, yet she’s willing to take on an experienced powerful muscle God like Lance Hart. This mixed wrestling match starts out with Lance Hart going easy on little Charlotte Sartre. It appears Lance Hart is trying to be nice and even lets Charlotte Sartre get in some holds and pins, but as the nude wrestling match goes on, it’s confirmed that Lance Hart is just being a really big asshole by letting Charlotte Sartre think she’s actually good. For Lance Hart, this is all just foreplay – like a cat playing with his mouse before the real attack. And when that real attack does start, it’s just relentless. Lance Hart pins little goth girl Charlotte Sartre down, steals kisses from her, penetrates and chokes her. After 3 hard fought rounds, Lance Hart is the winner and this is the prize you’ve all been asking for! Before launching, we put out a survey and asked you fine folks what kind of stuff you want to see in the Prize Round. Several of you wished to see impregnating creampie cumshots. Well, Lance Hart must be psychic, because that’s exactly what he wanted too. After putting his toy into submission after submission, Lance Hart tells Charlotte.